Des alumni de TBS qui nous inspirent par leur parcours

Alexia Lorenza Martinel (Bachelor 2014)

Blockchain Adoption & Strategy Manager - BeLux [Tezos], Nomadic Labs

Allan Smith (MBA international Business / Double Diplome)

Lab Manager, Area 404 Chair, OCP Future Technologies Symposium

Anais Mazaleyrat (PGE 2005)

Business Performance Manager - A PIECE OF SKY co-founder - Airbus

Antoine Miche (PGE 2007)

Founder & President, Football Ecologie France

Arnaud Meziere (AEROSPACE MBA 2006)

ex VP Strategy, Public Affairs and Industry Asia Pacific, Airbus

Ben Plomion (PGE 2000)

Chief Growth Officer - GumGum

Benoît Barrier (PGE 1995)

Founder, Atemis Business Cloud

Cecilia Skroder (MBA AEROSPACE 2017)

Head Of Post Merger Integration Lean-Agile Centre of Excellence Lead, NAVBLUE, an Airbus Company

Cedric Giorgi (Ms Marketing Mgmt. & Communication 2007)

Deputy CEO & Partner, Kaduceo - Founder, French Startupers Network

Charles Delbes (Bachelor in Management 2012)

CEO, Foodfast

Damien Perillat (PGE 2000)

SVP Digital Commerce, Worldline Global

David Amiouni (PGE 2007)

Co-President, Keep Cool

Emmanuelle Parache (PGE 1992)

Founder & Manager - Biocenys

Fatma Almehairi (MBA AEROSPACE 2017)

Vice President UAE Sales, Etihad

Florence Resillot (PGE 1991)

Head of Development, Association Germinal

Jérémy Broutin (PGE 2011)

Technical Program Manager, Google Photos AI/ML, Google

Jean-Marc MAGNAUDET (PGE 1990)

Executive Committee Member and President Specialized Nutrition, President Danone Specialized Nutrition International, Danone

Jim Pasquet (PGE 2018)

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Le Pavé

Julien Pierre

Président Fondateur, Fair Play For Planet

Kheira Benmeridja (PGE 2010)

ex Head of Product, Palico & Founder of Cairn Technologies

Laure Cucuron (PGE 2012)

Consultante Economie Circulaire & Ex General Manager, TerraCycle Europe

Léa Guitteny (PGE 2013)

Sr Program Manager, Sustainable Transportation, Amazon

Leonard Favre (DBA in progress)

Restructuring Advisor to the airline industry

Lionel Roques (MBA Management Consulting & Aerospace)

Sales Director - Cabin, Tarmac Aerosave

Loïc Guichaoua (PGE 2015)

Co-Founder, Papa Outang & Sensei Family

Manuela Doutel Haghighi (PGE 2001)

Global Customer Success Account Director, Microsoft

Marc Leverger (PGE 1994)

Co-Founder, Brico Privé


SC Ventures, Standard Chartered Bank

Marion Felix (PGE 2009)

Responsable Développement Fondation TBS, TBS Education

Mathieu LARROQUE (Exec MBA 2018)

Cofounder, Terrians Strategy & Innovation Manager/Strategic Foresight, Thales Alenia Space

Maxime Baptistan (PGE 2015)

CEO & Cofounder, Protifly

Myriam Ben Sayeh (PGE 2010)

Associate Director, Cognizant

Patricia Bourgain (PGE 2005)

CSR & Sustainable Development Project Manager, BNP Paribas Real Estate – Property Development

Rachel (MEJANI) Abercromby (PGE 2013)

Director of Finance, ACUBED at Airbus
Rachel Bouvier

Rachel Bouvier (PGE 2007)

Chief Marketing & Digital Officer, Jules

Swanny Lorfanfant (PGE 2016)

Leader of Organic Market, Organic Sectors and Act For Food Fund, Carrefour

Thibaud Figueroa (PGE 2018)

Chief Data Officer, Direction des services de la Navigation Aérienne

Vincent Ducamin (PGE 2001)

Chief Commercial Officer & COMEX member, Aura Aero

Yves Michel Leporcher (PGE 2010)

Blockchain Technology Expert, Renault